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A Great Place for Dog Walking in Merrimack, New Hampshire

Do you and your canine family members love exploring wooded areas with natural wildlife and unique sights and smells? The Grater Woods Trail in Merrimack, New Hampshire is a wonderful place to explore with your dog(s). These trails offer a lot of access points behind the Merrimack Middle School and many more near Baboosic Lake. There are many trails to traverse with varying degrees of difficulty for you and your dogs.

Woofy Dog Walking’s professional dog walkers love taking our clients’ dogs on exciting adventures through Grater Woods and other areas of Merrimack! It’s a wonderful place to exercise your dog and get them ready for a long, post-walk nap!

Woofy Dog Walking does recommend outfitting your dog with a hunting vest as there is a lot of wildlife and we always want to err on the side of caution. If you lack the time or the physical ability to treat your dog on a walk through Grater Woods (or on a stroll in your own neighborhood), call Woofy Dog Walking today!

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